Natamycin or pimaricin: the ideal solution for preserving food

Natamycin or pimaricin appears naturally as a result of the fermentation of bacteria in the Streptomyces natalensis genus. It was discovered more than 50 years ago, and is mainly used for the preservation of food in both its liquid and powder form.

Natamycin protects food from mould and yeast growth using a mechanism that destabilises ergosterol in its cell wall. As ergosterol is not present on the outer membranes of the bacteria, they are unaffected.

Natamycin is one of the food preservatives permitted worldwide to protect products such as cheeses, fermented/dried sausages, yoghurts, beverages, wines, and baked goods against contamination by fungi and/or yeasts.

It does not affect the color, taste or smell of food


Ideal for dairy products, canned goods, soups, juices, wines, and meat products.

It is an antimicrobial food preservative that is widely used in monitoring the deterioration of cheese processing and the processing of cheese products, dairy products, canned vegetables, soups and juices. It is also used in alcoholic beverages, feta cheese, and some meat and fish products.